Cherub is a tiny fairy of a person, with hands that have been performing magic with sound healing for over a decade

- Farrah Storr, Elle Magazine

After achieving a 1st class business degree at Newcastle University in 2007 – I hung my certificate on my parent’s dining room wall and set out to explore the world…

The next 6 years were full of adventure; following the festival, travelling and spiralling through colour, chaos and cosmic wonder.

From deepest Peru to the Pyramids, Indian temples to German techno superclubs and many places in-between, I completely immersed myself in different countries, cultures and climates. Whether in cave parties in Ibiza or Brazilian churches on secret islands off the coast of Bahia, I became fascinated with how sound seemed to be at the central core of every tribe, the very fabric that weaved community together.

Singing at sunrise, drumming at sunset, mantra in in the mountains, Native flutes in the forest..I saw babies being sang into the world and old souls passing on, surrounded by their loved ones singing them home. My experience with sound was transforming into a gateway towards reconnection and it rapidly became one of my greatest joys.

When I returned to the UK in 2010, I realised that our experience of sound is much more structured and the Western world seems to be divided into performers and listeners, rather than the freedom of expression I’d gotten used to whilst travelling. Unlike today, as the wellness industry has boomed and there are singing circles and sound baths in London every night of the week, there was nothing of the sort when I came home. And it occurred to me that perhaps this lack of connection through sound could be contributing to the great disconnect many of us feel in the western world.

I made it my mission to learn, heal and grow using sound as a practice for the self, and then dedicated my soul purpose to generating global awareness for the importance of sound as a vibrational medicine tool for healing and reconnection.

Meeting The Maestro, Tim Wheater

Our distant worlds collided with a fortuitous meeting in 2011. Uniting over the greater goal of uplifting humanity through sound, I became Tim’s one and only protege. Tim has been my greatest teacher, my mentor, my wacktastically weird and wonderful wingman, and a never-ending source of inspiration and laughter to me on my journey through sound.

Together, performing, teaching, speaking, producing and recording globally, we are often referred to as “The masters of high-frequency”. We have co-pioneered the field of transformational sound together for 13 years and counting.
And long may it continue!

As part of my soul mission to spread the healing powers of sound around the world, I knew we couldn’t hold the fort alone. We made a plan to expand the field of practitioners, by founding our own certified sound healer training academy.

Together we have trained hundreds of students worldwide, who are all part of our loving sound family and who have progressed into having successful and impactful sound journeys of their own.

Sister Sound Circle, Origin Story

After rooting myself in London for a couple of years, I began to crave that ceremonial feeling from my travelling years of sitting amongst a likeminded tribe and singing - for no other reason than just to simply, sing.

Back then, other than more performative, structured choirs, there didn’t seem to be any singing circles for me to join, they certainly weren’t the growing trend they have become of recent years.

Because I couldn’t find one to join, I created one! I started Sister Sound Circle in 2013, with my spirit mama, Lindka Cierach, through my own desire to sing in a safe environment with a sisterhood, who’s ethos was to complete each other, not compete with each other…

It’s been an epic journey, from starting out - not sure how to hold a circle, or what it should consist of - we kept holding them under the light of every full moon, and our Sister Sound Circle grew and grew. 10 years on, we have opened our circle to women both living in and travelling through London from all over the world.

Sister Sound Circle is a sacred space, celebrating and supporting women in our community. Together we sing, drum. share, laugh, cry, meditate and elevate our consciousness as one tribe.

In 2020, it felt like the most natural next phase of our journey to evolve into an online members community, extending our circle across the whole planet. With sisters from London to Canada, America to Australia, our global community is growing.

Our SSC forges the greatest form of reconnection through singing, sharing, committing to sacred work for the evolution of the earth and manifesting miracles within us and all around us.

You can learn more about our SSC below, and if you feel called, come and join our girl gang!

Becoming Cherabella...

After receiving my first ever crystal bowl from my parents, presented to me out of the boot of Glastonbury’s top crystal dealer’s car, at Cheztival, my 30th birthday festival, I became fascinated with the magnificent power of Quartz crystal, the mother of all technology.

We have a natural affinity with quartz, with varying elements of crystal built into our bodies! I loved adding the celestial sound of crystal to our soundscapes, and wanted to establish my own brand of exquisite, affordable crystal bowls, to make them accessible to all our students and fellow sound enthusiasts.

My Sound Journey highlights so far…​

Performing alongside Human League’s Martyn Ware, Goldfrappe’s Will Gregory, & Portishead’s Adrian Utley, at the Elbphilharmonie Orchestra Hall, Hamburg – showcasing the world premiere of our soundscape; Almost Human.

Performing in London’s iconic superclub, Fabric with Daniel Avery, curated by Mastery.

Curating, producing and performing the world’s first seated sound healing concert with sound reactive visuals in the iconic Marylebone Theatre, London.

Performing on the top floor of the Shard, London with Tim and groovy music producer, Aaron Horn – as seen on BBC Sunday Live & The Telegraph.

Recording and co-producing our debut album, Crystal Forest, with the legendary producer, David Lord.

Collaborating with the Earth Angel herself, Charlotte Church at her gorgeous retreat in the Welsh Valleys, The Dreaming.

Collaborating with Martyn Ware, for a Picasso Sound Art interpretation at The National Portrait Gallery, London.
Key Note Speaker at The Global Sound Healing Conference, Malvern.

Performing at many festivals from Space Mountain, Granada, Glastonbury, Wilderness, Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, Wonderment, to Ion Festival, Albania. 

Recording in London’s leading music studios, Sarm (ran by Trevor Horn) and Sleeper Sounds (ran by Guy Chambers).

Performing for FinTech, a multi-national corporate conference in Guangzhou, China.
The first to host a sound healing concert in a Turkish Mosque, East London, bridging the communities and opening the door for many wellness events to follow at the Mosque to this day.

The first to play gong on the River Nile. Hosting private access for two separate groups to sing with us in the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau in Cairo.

Performing for DJ, producer and radio presenter, B Traits at the renowned venue, EartH in London.

…and the best is yet to come….

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