“Real Gong Girl”

   The Metro

“Real Gong Girl”

   The Metro

Hi, I’m Cherub,

I’m a sound artist, teacher and protectress of high-frequency; co-founder of The Academy of Integrated Sonic Medicine; our certified sound healer training with The Maestro, Tim Wheater. I am founder of Cherabella; my own brand of healing instruments, and Sister Sound Circle; a global sonic support network for women.

I am supremely dedicated to sharing the healing and transformational powers of sound.

Now more than ever, we are being called to tune up our own personal frequency, and hold the vision strong to birth a beautiful new world. The keys to living a high vibrational life lie in the ancient wisdom of energy, frequency and vibration.

The Masters of High-Frequency

I am proud and lucky to be aligned with the award winning, world class musician and composer, Tim Wheater – one of the founding Fathers of the entire sound healing movement from the early 80’s.

Together, we are the acclaimed masters of high frequency, and we have pioneered the field of transformational sound for almost 14 years, forging the way for the sound healing evolution that exists today.

Sink into our first-ever recorded live lounge experience, Crystal Forest.

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The Cherabella Crystal Castle

Explore my own brand of 432hz healing instruments. Affordable, accessible super sound tools, supporting our students, wellness therapists, and sound enthusiasts all around the world.


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