"Real Gong Girl"

– The Metro

Hi I’m Cherub

I’m a sound artist, teacher and inspirational speaker; the founder
of Cherabella; my own brand of healing instruments, and Sister Sound
Circle; a global sonic support network for women.

I am dedicated to sharing the transformational powers of sound.

Now more than ever, we are being called to tune up our own personal
frequency, and hold the vision strong to birth a beautiful new world.
The keys to living a high vibrational life lie in the ancient wisdom of energy,frequency and vibration

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The Cherabella Crystal Kingdom

Explore my own brand of 432hz healing instruments, supporting sound as the greatest human obsession…

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The masters of


I am proud and lucky to be aligned with the award winning, world class musician, Tim Wheater – one of the leading forefathers of the entire sound healing movement. Tim is one of the few visionaries that introduced sound healing to the west in 1982.

Together, we are the acclaimed masters of high frequency, and we have pioneered the field of transformational sound for almost a decade, forging the way for the sound healing evolution that exists today.

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Sound Healer Training

Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern science, we teach you the theory plus the practical training you need to be a successful sound therapist.

Events & Retreats

Experience our healing high-frequency events all across the globe, in-person and online.

Cherabella Crystal Bowls

Explore my own brand of 432hz healing instruments, supporting sound as the greatest human obsession…

Sister Sound Circle

Join our Sister Sound Circle online member’s community; a global healing hub for heart-centred support, self-development and sisterly guidance.

Hot Stones Massage

Book a relaxing hot stones massage fused with soothing sound and energy healing.

Inspirational Speaker

I love sharing my message and vision to help light the spark of transformation in others.

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There is magic in Cherabella...
Cherub has incredible knowledge, amazing products, passion and purpose to fill you with confidence that you are buying into something pretty special.

Kat GriffinSound Healer

Cherabella takes the time to honour your purchase with guidance and support. Her range is divine and sourced with such care and integrity. I'm already excited for my next purchase.

Chloe EvelynePixie Chef

The Cherabella range is absolutely beautiful, affordable and great quality. Highly recommend!

Jasmin HarsonoPublished Author & Sound Healer

Don't bother buying any other tuning forks - these are the best!

Kate ListerYoga teacher & vocalist

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Join our Sister Sound Circle Member's club

Join our monthly sister sound circle – a supportive, sacred space focusing on completing each other – not competing with each other

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