Tuning Forks

These finely tuned, portable sound tools are ideal for finding balance on the go!

Pop it in your pocket & you can even retune on the tube!


Cherabella forks, produced to the highest quality in the UK, are the perfect addition to your sound healer kit of magic.


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111hz –

Tuned to the frequency of the cell closest to your pineal gland, the 111hz fork releases beta-endorphins into the brain, flooding your body with happy chemicals! Feel good faster with your own 111hz fork!


528hz –

Known as the love frequency, this fork opens your heart to unconditional love


136.10hz –

The frequency of ohm, & of the sacred ground beneath our feet, this fork facilitates grounding to earth, helping return us to our natural rhythm.

* All forks come with a unique, handmade satin pouch


111hz, 136.10hz, 528hz


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