I have had the greatest privilege of being trained by the award winning composer & world class musician, Tim Wheater.

Tim’s invaluable contribution to the arts spans over 40 years, including 25 revolutionary albums, performing alongside leading luminaries like The Dalai Lama, Ram Dass and Neale Donald Walsch, as well as pop icons such as Eurythmics and Donovan.

The wisdom & sound skills i have learnt have been passed down with the greatest honour from Yogi Bajan, to the gong grand master Don Conreux, to the world renowned Tim Wheater, down to myself, along with Tim’s teachers, the master flautists Jimmy Galway & Marcel Moyse. 

I take great pride in this pure lineage of musical mastery, showing supreme dedication to this field in every aspect of my work & together with Tim we pass on these teachings, keeping this lineage alive.

Tim is my dear friend, my mentor & truly one of my greatest inspirations. He has been an incredible teacher to me throughout our almost 7 year sound journey, & long may it last!